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    Administration Panel update Empty Administration Panel update

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    January 2010 update Exclamation

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    Id like to make note before we start with the tutorial.
    In this tutorial, I am using the Advanced mode of the Administration Panel and I am using the FOUNDING admin account

    Home Tab:

    Here,you can find IP address information of users that are currently signed in, and what page their looking at, also find out the latest news from ForuMotion, and some Statistics too.

    General Tab


    Administration Panel update Genera11

    Explanation of everything:

    Site Name:
    Administration Panel update Site_n11

    Forum favicon: This is a simple image up in the URL bar,
    next to the address.
    The image can be anything that you wish to have.
    The default image is: Administration Panel update Defult10 (enlarged)
    Yes you can make your own favicon.

    Default Language: The default language that the forum will be in for all users.

    User’s can change this in their profile, under "preferences" in their "profile"
    Click here for more information

    Numbers format: The way numbers will show on the forum

    Date format: This can be changed many ways, ill let you figure that out for yourself.

    System time zone: Same basic idea as the date format, ill also let u figure that out your-self.

    Adjust time: Summer time (daylight savings) and winter time (no-daylight savings time)

    Click here for more information on timezones

    Allow images and videos formats for your adds: Chose to allow images AND video's for your forum's adds.

    Activate adds: Chose what level user can see adds

    Text adds activation (underlined): Chose what user level can see underlined adds

    Basket: (This is the default name).
    You can change the name, delete it and/or keep it.
    The basket is typically used as something that you can throw stuff that you don’t want into your forum into.
    Also for spam and other non-wanted items/messages.

    Pruning to the basket: Is when any un-replied to messages will end up (They will not be deleted!!!!)

    Click here for more information on Auto-pruning

    Forum in construction:
    Put the forum down for 24hrs, so that no new users can sign up, also no current users can log in, only the Admins can access the forum

    (Note: this is only a 24hr action, and you CAN change it back), and you can also customize the "construction" message, to whatever you want it to. Including adding a picture.

    Forum on holiday: This will allow users to see your forum; however they won’t be able to log in, they also cannot sign up or make a post on the forum whilst this is in action.

    Delete cookies link:
    Administration Panel update Delete11

    This will allow you to choose to remove the selected forum's cookies.

    Categories and forums

    Administration Panel update Catego10

    This is where you make, delete, lock and unlock categories/forums.

    Explanation of images:

    Administration Panel update 10 : Click this to add a category / forum
    Administration Panel update Editer10 : click this button to MODIFY(change) the category / forum
    Administration Panel update Icon_sync :Click this to reset the forum (this is only available for forums and sub forums)
    Administration Panel update Perms_10 : Click this to change the permissions (only available to forum's and sub forum's)
    Administration Panel update Red_x10 : Click this button to permanently delete this forum / category

    Click here for more information about categories and forums

    Forum address:

    Administration Panel update Addres10

    Next to the quick update you can quickly change the address of your forum, if you want a slower update, one more unique to you than you click on the "personalized domain name" however this one you have to pay for using credits, as it is shown in the screenshot below.

    Administration Panel update Name_c10

    Learn how to change your forums address
    Learn how to have a custom domain
    Learn how to redirect an external domain name

    Forum Security

    Administration Panel update Update10


    Confirm password to Administration panel:
    Ask the user to re-authenticate him/her-self to access the forum, by providing their username and their password (same as the main forum, and cannot login as someone other than the current user that you are logged in as)

    Options: Yes/No

    Disallow "Send by email a new password" to Administrators and Moderators:

    This will disable the option: Administration Panel update New_pa10

    NOTE: You can choose to disable and enable this at times that you wish to.

    Disallow moderators to ban:
    members: To NOT allow moderator’s to ban users. Hence forth only ADMINISTRATORS can do the banning.

    Options: Yes/no

    Allow moderators to see the "hidden" users:

    Allow the moderators to see the user’s whom have set their profile to private (cannot be seen by non-private users) but visible to Administrator with their username in italics like this.

    Flood control. Time delay between 2 messages, topics or private messages by a user.
    Minimum : 10 Maximum : 9999

    IP address accounts creation limit
    The amount of accounts a user may create within any one 24 hour time period. 0 = Unlimited, maximum = 255
    Learn more about this

    The following are associated with the Forum Founder utilities tools.

    These cannot be edited, as their set by ForuMotion

    Automatic daily backup:

    (RECOMMENDED ACTIVE) This is so that the forum has a backup restoration point of the previous day.

    (NOTE: The backups are done at late night, French time and you can not change the time)

    Pages optimization for a better reference on search engines Anti-spiders mode (for your pages and the emails inside):

    No spiders inside your forum.

    End of forum founder utility tools!!!

    Bellow this is something called the "admin/mod action record box".

    What it does is keep a record of all the moderation done, and all of the administrative, and moderative actions done.
    This can only be seen by Administrators.

    This will explain the security better
    Maximum security for your forum

    Forum deletion:

    Are you 100% you want to delete your forum??
    If so, follow the screenshot below and the little message in the spoiler.


    Administration Panel update Delete12

    Now that you have hit the "delete" button, go to your
    email address, and find an email from "" concerning the forum deletion, open it and follow the link on it.

    It will permanently remove the forum, and it’s now GONE!

    (If the email isn't in your inbox, check to see whether it is in the spam/junk box).

    Thanks for choosing ForuMotion forums for the time you did, we wish you the best of luck for the future.

    Messages and emails


    Administration Panel update Messag12


    Topics per page: How posts per page before a new page is created (min 1 max 50)

    Topic length title: The amount of character’s that has to be in the title of the topic in order to make/post it.

    This can make a minimal of 1 character's, and a maximum of 255

    Allow topics title colour:
    Yes or No. Allow the user to make the name of a topic a different colour than the one designated by the
    colour sheet in another part of the forum

    Posts for popular thresh hold:
    How many posts have to be made by users in a thread for it to become popular.

    Message edition duration limit for a member: How long (minutes/hours/day format) a user can edit the post for after he/she has made that post.

    Allow HTML: Allow HTML so that users can use it in their messages on the forum.
    Allow BBCodes: Allow users to use BBCodes.
    Allow similes: Allow users to use smilies to express emoticons, or anything else that’s there.

    Allow the modification of the topics title:
    Allow admin, moderator's or topic authors to change the title of the topic that their in, by using the option before their post options (without editing their first page)

    Activate draft messages functionality:
    Allow the user’s to have a "draft message" so that they can "multi-quote" and not have to edit their posts

    Activate favorite's functionality:
    Allow users to have favorites.

    Post/Signature separator:
    This separates a post and the signature, the image, or text will be able to be seen.

    Administration Panel update Messag13

    Max number of poll options:
    The amount of polls that the users can have in a poll (max of 50)

    Define another name for stickies and announcements: Make a new name for them.
    E.G. stickies, Read it’s and Announcements, Warning messages.

    Separate stickies and announcements from other messages:

    What should separate them from other messages, a line, a table or not at all.

    Display the caption of the posts status:
    Displays the status of the post in a caption.

    Activate extended message editor:

    Allow a user to type a lot more messages than a quick reply, this will be load a new page, and will automatically happen when you do a quote.

    Activate WYSIWYG mode by defaults in the posts
    What You See Is What You Get mode.

    Basically, if you make text red, it will appear red to users and in the message as you type it up.

    Options: On/Off.

    Quick reply:

    A way you can type up a message, without having to load a new page.

    The quick reply generally appears similar to
    Administration Panel update Quick_11

    Display the "quote" button:
    Allows you to chose weather or not you want the "quote" button to appear

    Display the "Multi-quote" button: Allows you to chose weather or not to use and show the multi-quote button.

    Administration Panel update Topics10

    Topics per page:
    The number of topics per page, before older topics go into the next page.
    Topics Title Length: The length of a topic's title
    Allow topics title color: Allow a topics title be in color.
    Allow the modification of the topic's title: Allow users to change the 'name' of a topic.
    Display button [solved]: Display the button that allows users to quickly add the word "Solved" to the title

    Private messages

    Private messaging information.

    Is it possible to disable it for everyone one the forum? Yes

    Can I just disable it for specific users?
    Yes, you can do it via the user profile.

    Administration Panel update Privat10

    From here, you can enable it
    (let users use it) or disable it (not let users use it).

    You can also choose the max amount of messages in each box (limit of 50 though)

    You can also enable a "welcome message" to all new users that sign up to your forum, AFTER
    your "Welcome message" has been enabled.

    Email settings.

    Administration Panel update Email-10

    Email address:
    The address of the Administrator that receives complaints to, and/or sends the emails

    Email signature: The signature for your forum. This can be anything from just " "(blank space) to a link to your forum
    or any pictures you want included, or anything else.

    Contact form (as in screenshot above)

    This is only an added extra if you wish to have it on your forum.

    What this is something so that users can contact whom you choose: Admins, Mods, or both Admins Mods,
    and whether by Email, or by PM.

    Activate: Yes/No. To have it active so that

    Who will receive it: Admins, Mods, or Admins AND mods.

    Message format:
    How the
    Recipients will be receiving it: By PM or by Email


    Administration Panel update Announ10

    This displays announcements in the form of text or images, on portal, forum, or all pages of the forum, they can either scroll or not, as you wish.

    Again, remember these

    Administration Panel update 10 : Click this to add a category / forum
    Administration Panel update Editer10 : click this button to MODIFY(change) the category / forum
    Administration Panel update Red_x10 : Click this button to permanently delete this forum / category

    Learn more here

    Forum Promotion

    Administration Panel update Promo110

    Invite friends

    lets you invite your friends via email, social networks or through direct invitation from the forum.

    Search Engines

    Administration Panel update Promo210

    Here is where you handle you Tags, and referencing options for bots such as Google, Yahoo & Msn (now known as Bing)

    Homepage Title: Administration Panel update Homepa10

    Site Description: Administration Panel update Site_d10

    Your Keywords: The keywords for your site to be referenced by.

    Additional Tags: Other meta tags, link JavaScript, link a CSS sheet, link a RSS feed are all handled under here
    For more information about Meta Tags click here

    Forums directory

    Administration Panel update Promo310

    Participate in the directory of ForuMotion forums. - Yes/no

    Forum category:
    The category that the forum is located in.


    Authorizations: Select who can see the statistics

    Summary: This is another look at all the Statistics just a little more in depth, click on "More statistics" to get more information.

    Map: This is the Google map which will allow you to locate where people are online from.

    Summary of the votes
    This is the display of the polls, and the votes for them.

    Google Analytics
    Here u can add your Google Analytics code which will allow Google to collect and relay information to you.


    Write and Send: This is where you make the newsletter.

    Save box: this is where all of the previously sent emails are stored, so you can re-send them at a latter time.


    Word censoring: this is where you can choose to censor particular words, they don’t have to be rude such as the F*** word (censored), they can be anything such as cat, dog, mobile, computer, phone ECT.

    You can also choose what will its replacements (that's cool!).

    EX: F*** can become &^%K or F&#) or 997H or anything you feel like.

    User name Censoring
    This may annoy some users because upon registration they cannot use the name they want.

    People won’t be able to use certain things that you choose…read below (an extract from a ForuMotion forum).

    New usernames won't be allowed to contain that word.
    For example, if "test" is forbidden, no name created after the addition ofthis censored word will contain "test". So "test", "test06", "fastest" and "fatest98" will be forbidden.


    Administration Panel update Report10

    Report status:
    Who can do the reports: Disabled (no-one) Members (everyone but guests) Moderators or Administrators.

    Can report own posts/messages Yes/No

    Report edited by users:
    Users can edit their report once it has been submitted Options: Yes/No

    Report permissions:

    Here you can set the report system to only particular user’s or usergroup’s.

    Reasons management:
    Reasons that the admin(s) create to have there, although the reporter can customize one of his/her own.

    Reports list:
    The list of current reports

    For more information, you can follow this tutorial here

    Rules and FAQ

    Additional rules:
    The rules that you wish to add onto the standard rules that come with the forum.

    Any additional FAQ’s you wish to add to your forum, also under “FAQ” header, you can name them.

    This is the end of the General Tab

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    Display tab


    Choose a theme: explanation

    A basic skin, nothing fancy look wise. this is where all the fancy skins lie, these are only the best skins that are free to use.

    You can even make ur own skin and submit it to

    Version. Options and definitions

    Phpbb2: The most customizable version there is out there, you can change pretty much everything by changing scripts in this version,

    Phpbb3: This is next step up, with much less customization available, and less coding to change too, but is simpler to use.

    This one is simpler to use, is sophisticated in comparison to the phpbb
    version’s, and now has template editing available, which enables you to edit pretty much everything.


    The most sophisticated, by an extreme long shot and has some really
    great features such as Next 5 days calendar events, hidden categories,
    Possibility to hide/display smilies while using the extended editor,
    "Who's online" image blocks customization

    Click here for more information

    Choose your style:

    Current version:
    How your forum would look in another version exactly the same

    Version default: The default skin for that version

    how your forum would look with the version’s default skin

    Click here to learn how to install a skin

    Skin management.

    Export your theme:
    You can take a part of the skin away to edit it or whatever takes your fancy and replace it with what you want to.

    Import it:
    Import anything you want, as long as it has to do with ur skin.

    Restore the theme:
    Restore your theme to what it was at a particular date.

    Temporary themes:




    List of connected members during last 24* hours: Yes/No

    The 24hrs can change and altered to anything (hour wise) from 1hr to 99hrs by the BELOW option.

    Period in hours:
    The amount of time that the above ^^ is talking about.

    Quick log in display:
    A quick log in box which enables you to log in another way other than loading the log in page.
    Options: Do not display/Top of home page/Bottom of home page/On the homepage Header and Footer.

    Homepage message

    Message title:
    The name of the homepage message.

    Message content:

    is where you can put a message for all users to see and read (just not
    guests), you can also put HTML codes in there, so you can play games on
    your forum, or put snowflakes flowing gently down your forum.

    Structure and hierarchy

    Index packing/structure.

    The pictures do the explaining…
    Show the last topic titles on index: show the LAST topic that was posted in on the main page of the forum Option Yes/No.

    Title length of the last topic on index:
    How many letters of the last posted in category will be shown on the main page.

    Sub-level links on index:
    Just another forum that shows up on the main page.

    Display forum moderators:
    Display who the moderator(s) of a specific forum are on the Forum Index page.

    Display view online information box on index:
    Display the "who is online" information, which just shows what users and rank they are, and if their online.
    (Under the home tab in the admin panel you can see who is looking at what page; just you can’t tell when an administrator is in the admin panel).

    Display bots in statistics of the forum:
    Display if the Google yahoo or msn bots are indexing your site.

    Headers and Navigation:

    Logo positioning: The position of the logo. Left is left of screen, right is right of screen, center is middle of the screen (center is most recommended)

    Display forum title:

    Display the name of the forum.

    Display only images in the link bar:
    Show only IMAGES in the navigation bar.

    NOTE: If you select "NO" you will see the pictures and the words.

    Menu position:
    the position of the navigation bar. Left, right, center. (Center is recommended)

    Navigation links

    Below are the standard links for your forum, you can edit, remove and add some of your own.

    Navbar preview
    Here you can see what type of user can see what.
    Select from: Guest, Member, Moderator, and Administrator.

    Pictures and Colors: ADVANCED MODE.

    Pics management:

    Handle what pictures go where, have a look around here and get to know the buttons and everything.

    Colors: This is where all the colours are handled.
    Have a look around it, and get to know what edits what with the preview on the right hand side.

    Avatar gallery

    Enable the avatar gallery:
    Enable the gallery for the avatars

    Handle the smilies here, add more or remove some…this is all your choice.



    From here in you need to have your forum version set to phpbb2 or PunBB in order to do template customization.

    You can customize each of these to your likings to suit you as much as you want.
    I am not going to go into the customization, because it is not something to cover in this guide.
    Learn more by clicking here

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    Users & Groups Tab

    Search users

    Administration Panel update Editer10 : Here you can search your user’s data, (under modify) you can change anything and everything.
    Administration Panel update Perms_10 : You can see what the user can see, and what they can moderate in, from here you can also revoke particular user’s access to particular rooms.

    Users options

    This is where you can enable/disable what users can use, such as signatures.

    members menu

    Administration Panel update Member11


    Default automatic log in status;

    Allow the cookie that your forum uses to remember a user’s password and log the member in automatically without them noticing it (recommended yes)

    New accounts Activation;

    Automatic activation,
    This allows a new user to sign up to the forum, and now have to confirm themselves, or have an admin "ok" it, so they sign up, and log straight in.

    Allow new users to confirm their membership via a registration confirmation link sent to the email address (this option is most recommended)

    Allow new users, but they need an admin to allow them access to their forum (they will be notified of their account activation via email, to their registered email address)

    To activate a user manually,
    (must be logged in as an admin)
    Administration panel >> Users & Groups >> inactive users >> tick the box, and click on the green "activate" box.

    Allow new members,
    Allow your forum to have new members registered (recommended yes)

    Allow members to unsubscribe,
    Allow members to unsubscribe from mass administrators emails.

    Allow guests to vote,
    Allow people that are not logged in (or registered) to vote on polls.

    Colorize user names,

    Allow a user whom is apart of a group (such as admin) have that group’s color, as the color for their username.

    Administration Panel update User_s10


    Allow signatures;

    All members, Allow everyone on your forum have signatures.
    Groups, allow only groups have signatures, you can chose what groups can use signatures too.
    you can chose what groups get signatures too
    No, No-one can have a signature, not even Administrator(s).

    Allow users to change their username,
    Allow a user to change his/her username.
    (Recommended no, so that they have to contact an administrator to change it for them)

    Allow users to change their email address,
    Allow users to change their email add.

    Allow friends/foe management,
    Allow users to block particular users’ PM, and also say that they are friends, or foes (enemies) with particular users.

    Birthday management.

    Administration Panel update Bdays10


    Allow birthday management:
    Allow the display of the "Who's having a birthday" just below the "who's online" lines.
    Enable Zodiacal signs: Enable the Zodiac signs for your type of horoscope.
    Enable birthday greetings: Enable a Happy Birthday PM to users who have a birthday.
    Maximum user age: Define the oldest someone can be able to register on your forum.
    Minimal user age: The youngest someone can be to register on your forum
    Birthday look forward: How many days in advance that the "who's having a birthday" option looks for a users' birthday, and displays it.
    Birthday message subject:
    The subject of your Happy Birthday PM
    Birthday Message: The PM that will be sent to users who have a birthday

    Administration Panel update Profil12

    Location, Country, anything else they wish to add.

    a website they would like to add

    any work they do, or hobbies such as sport they want to add.

    Humor, what you laugh at.

    Gender, what sex you are, male or female

    Birthday, your date of birth.

    Display in the posts,
    display this in the members profile when they post a message

    Obligatory for the registration,
    the user MUST supply this information to join the forum.

    Personalized profile

    Administration Panel update Person10

    Here you can do many wonderful things, from adding "reward" things, to a "warning bar" and so so much more.

    Click here to learn more, and learn how to make a warning system

    Special users

    Administration Panel update Specia10

    Here you can tell who has moderating powers, admin panel access, been banned, or has their PM (private Message) box disabled.

    Inactive users

    Administration Panel update Inacti10

    "New users" here you have the choice to activate any users, whom have not activated them selves by email (as user setting above) or if you have the user setting to "Admin" this is where you activate them.

    "Users deactivates" look at the users whom have had their accounts de-activated.

    "Users with no messages" look at the users whom are registered, but have not posted anything.

    Handle users

    Administration Panel update Handle10

    This is where you can choose what users you wish to send a news letter to, deactivate their account or delete multiple users' account.
    Once you have filled in the required information, you must click on the "generate the users list" button.

    Banning users, Ban control.

    Administration Panel update Newban10

    Ban a user

    Search for a username
    Username: Find someone, to confirm, or clarify their username.

    Ban a user
    Username: The person you want to ban
    Ban user until: The user is banned until this date
    Ban reason: The reason the user is banned

    Unban one or more usernames
    Select the box on the right to unban someone, click on multiple boxes to mass-unban someone, then click the "unban" button to the right.

    Ban an e-mail address

    Search user email address
    Username: Insert the username to look up and find the email of.

    Ban one or several email addresses
    E-mail address: Insert the email address to ban
    /!\ Notice You can ban partial email addresses to prevent them from regestering by putting "*" then the domain you wish to ban.
    Example: *
    Ban user until: The user is banned until this date
    Ban reason: The reason the user is banned
    Unban one or more email addresses
    Select the box on the right to unban someone, click on multiple boxes
    to mass-unban someone, then click the "unban" button to the right.

    Ban an IP Address

    Search user IP address
    Username: Search a user to find his or her IP address/s
    Ban one or more IP addresses or hostnames
    /!\ Warning Be careful to not ban yourself, or your hostname
    You can IP range ban by changing the last 2/3 numbers to the "*"
    Example:158.589.58.* (Note that this is NOT a real IP address)
    IP addresses or hostnames: Insert the IP Address or the host name to ban
    Ban user until: The user is banned until this date
    Ban reason: The reason the user is banned
    Select the box on the right to unban someone, click on multiple boxes
    to mass-unban someone, then click the "unban" button to the right.

    Click here to learn more about the ban panel

    Group’s administration
    Administration Panel update Groupu10

    This is where you handle the groups that you wish to add.

    The "order number" is the order that they will appear on the home page legend.
    Click the Administration Panel update Newgro10 to make a new group.
    Click on the Administration Panel update Editer10 to edit a group.
    Click on the Administration Panel update Perms_10 to edit the group's permissions.
    Auto-Subscribe: Yes/No.
    For Auto-subscription the minimal is 1 post, it can not be 0 posts

    Ranks Administration

    Administration Panel update Ranks11

    This is where you handle your ranks.
    Click the Administration Panel update Editer10 to edit the group
    click the Administration Panel update Red_x10 to delete the group.
    Click the Administration Panel update Add_ne10 button to add a new rank.

    Special rights.

    Administration Panel update New_ri10

    These is where you can see who see’s what, and edit it, via the drop down menu

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    Modules tab

    The Portal

    The portal is a fully customizable page where you can add many widgets.
    For example place counters, affiliate links, forum information or whatever else you need. The portal can basically be considered as a welcome and promotion page - an appealing portal can attract many new members for your forum.
    Click here to learn more

    Forum Widgets

    Forum Widgets are custom blocks that can be added to the left and / or right side of your forum. Those blocks can contain text, images or even HTML codes.

    Click here to learn more

    Here you may activate the blogs system, to control what forums are blogs you have to update them under the menu "Categories and forums" and select "blog"

    Points and reputation
    Control of the points are here.
    General Options: Here you can activate/deactvate the system, and change the name of the field
    Points Management Here you can chose where each post/topic makes each positive/negative points
    Click here to learn more

    General Options: Here you can activate and rename fields, set minimal and maximum values in order to receive points.
    You also control the "thanks" button from here.

    Reputation Management
    Here you control how much reputation & thanks each post can make,
    Click here to learn more

    Points Donation
    Here you can add and/or subtract points from individual users.

    Roleplay game

    Please click here to learn about this RPG Feature

    Chat box.

    These are the commands for the Chat box.

    Administration Panel update Chatbo10

    NOTE: in order to use/activate the above commands, you must have the moderator symbol “@” next to your name.

    This is the banned users.

    Administration Panel update Chatbo11

    To ban someone: type their username in the “username” box and hit the save button, and they will not be able to access the chat box anymore.

    Chat box moderators

    Administration Panel update Chatbo12

    This is the list of the chat box moderators

    To make someone a moderator: Type their name into the “username” box.
    for example
    /mod John

    NOTE: for someone to be a moderator, they MUST have the “@” symbol next to their name.

    Click here to learn more

    Here you can activate the Calender, and set general options
    Click here to learn more

    HTML Page management: Here you can create 100's of pages with HTML on it, where you may elect one to be the Homepage.
    Click here to learn more

    This is the end of the Modules Tab.

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    Misc tab.

    Don't forget, im logged in as FOUNDER account here.

    Credits management.


    Administration Panel update Credit10

    Credits available: the amount of credits that you currently have.

    Storage: the amount of storage you have (10mb is the standard amount)
    you can only removed these permentally, by using credits, and selecting
    the option you want from the ads removal option (click the modify
    button next to the adds menu)

    Domain name:
    The current address of our ForuMotion forum.

    Spend credits:
    This is where u purchase additional space for ur forum, but a new address for your forum, or remove adds,

    Buy credits: This is where u purchase credits, the current two options are: Allopass and PayPal.

    This is where you can ask your members to donate money to your forum, with a little message with it.

    History: This is where you can see all the history of the credits purchase.


    Reported abuses,
    This is where the "complete" or "active" reports go.


    Image hosting,
    This is where you configure where you want your account to go to.

    End of tutorial

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope that this 'run through of the administration panel' has helped you.

    Post on Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:47 am by Darren


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