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    2nd quick mod tools Empty 2nd quick mod tools

    Post by Darren

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    Notice: This tutorial can only be preformed by Founders, whilst in the Founding account.
    After Saving these edits, when an update is released, you will be required to manually add the new template codes in yourself (Otherwise you will have to delete the customizations and re-add them)

    How to add an additional mod tool to the top of a thread.

    Forum Version: PunBB

    Head to your templates
    Admin panel >> Display > General / Viewtopic_body

    Now, lets locate this code: {POLL_DISPLAY}

    Now, 6 lines below it, there are 2 codes; {L_MESSAGE} [{PAGE_NUMBER}]
    You should be able to see it straight away
    Exclamation Caution: There are 2 instances of these codes, if you do not see the code "POLL_DISPLAY" 6 lines above the code, it's the wrong code; were after the first instance of this code!

    Now, in the line below it (It should be blank) hit the enter button twice

    In the 2nd line that is blank, insert this code in it's entirety.

    <font color="#25587E">_____________________________________________________________________</font color> {S_TOPIC_ADMIN}

    Lets modify this code!
    The first code "Font color="#25587E" is the colour of what the proceeding underscores will look like, or how little they will blend in. You can change the "25587E" to whatever you desire, just don't change the words "font color=#"!
    The S_TOPIC_Admin is the quick reply tools, please, don't modify these, it will cause the disappearance of the tools.

    Finally, there should be 1 spare line under our code, lets just leave it...Hit the "Save" button, and then go and find the template "Viewtopic_body" and hit the + next to it, and you should now see the awesomeness of the additional quick mod tools Very Happy

    Forum Version: PHPBB2

    Head to your templates
    Admin panel >> Display > General / Viewtopic_body

    Now, lets locate this code:
     <td align="right" width="9%" class="browse-arrows">

    Add the code: {S_TOPIC_ADMIN} immediately next to it, after the ">", hit the Save button & Publish it Very Happy

    Exclamation Exclamation unfortunately due to the old coding of PHPBB2, it's impossible to have the mod tools on the same line as in PunBB.

    Now you may see your glorious additional set of mod tools cheers

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